CPR & First Aid At Home

CPR and First Aid at Home

Sudden cardiac arrest in a loved one while at home is an emotionally charged event. The many causes of cardiac arrest include coronary artery disease, stroke, choking, and respiratory arrest (#1 cause of cardiac arrest in children, especially those with asthma). The national standard for emergency medical services response to a cardiac event is approx. 8 minutes. These eight minutes can seem like an eternity. By training in CPR, you are prepared to provide vital life saving efforts during this critical timeframe. CPR administered at the onset of sudden cardiac arrest can mean the difference in survival for your loved one. Situations where CPR training for the family can be valuable include:

  • Family members with a cardiac medical history
  • Family members with special medical needs
  • Elderly family members
  • Small children and infants
  • Homes with swimming pools and hot tubs

Accidents can happen anywhere and often do at home. Falls, cuts, scraps, burns, bumps, bruises, strokes, allergic reactions, and broken bones are just a few of the incidents that can occur in the home. Seemingly everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn, preparing dinner, and shoveling the driveway can cause injury or illness to a loved one. This is not to mention the vast array of household chemicals and substances that are found throughout the home that are responsible for thousands of hospital visits across the nation each year. First aid provided before difinitive medical care is available can help to lessen the long term effects of injury and illness and decrease the recovery time. First aid training combined with a household first aid kit will ensure you are prepared for most serious of situations.